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Sensei Richard Kim was a true �Classical Man�. He was an experienced seaman in the Merchant Marines, a union negotiator, a soldier, an author, a columnist and of course a martial artist. He held numerous university degrees including at least one PhD. 

Born in Papaaloa, Hawaii in 1917, he began studying martial arts in Judo at the age of seven. He spent many years training under martial arts masters on both sides of the Pacific. In 1974 he made his first trip to Canada and shortly thereafter became the chief instructor of the Guelph, Ontario Summer Camp.

In the years that followed, Sensei Kim became very fond of his trips to Canada and expanded his travel from Vancouver to Montreal. He cultivated relationships with many people, and took on numerous martial artists as his direct students.

Today, his top students from across the country are working to preserve his teachings in Canada. Working together with our international counterparts, Sensei Kim�s legacy is being preserved in Canada and around the world.

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